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Twelve years ago, I knew very little about celiac disease or gluten free baking. My daughter’s diagnosis as a two year old meant that I would quickly learn a great deal to adjust our kitchen and lifestyle accordingly as we decided immediately that our kitchen would be 100% gluten free allowing our daughter to live without concern of cross contamination at home. The added benefit is that I have been able to focus my attention on developing gluten free recipes. As I accumulated my recipes and as our daughters and friends began asking for recipes for various things that I make, it became apparent that I needed to put these recipes together in a more permanent way. This began our “at Wyndelin” series. Dan and I love working on this project together and hope that these recipes will be enjoyed and used by both season gluten free cooks and bakers as well providing guidance for those just starting out, whether for themselves or others.

Breakfast Recipes at Wyndelin



Everyday Celebrations is a collection of gluten free dessert and baked good recipes to be enjoyed in everyday moments as well as the monumental ones. 

Includes 13 gluten-free recipes developed and tested by @Marissa.Froese 

(Softcover, 8×10″, 32 Pages) (eBook PDF)

Cinnamon Rolls – Classic Scones – Peach Cobbler – Blackberry Mint Galette

Lemon Poppyseed Muffins – Baked Fudge Pudding – Chocolate Zucchini Cake

Angel Food Cake – Coffee Cake – Rosettes – Donuts – Apple Fritters – Lemon Curd

SOFTCOVER  $20.40 ($24 CAD)

(Approx. $19 USD)

eBook  $8.50 ($10 CAD)

Breakfast Recipes at Wyndelin


A second great collection of recipes by Marissa!  This time it’s our favourite breakfast recipes…all gluten-free and made with quality ingredients (no gums or mixes)

This beautiful book includes 13 gluten-free recipes, and 4 side recipes, developed and tested by @Marissa.Froese over several years. (Softcover, 8×10″, 32 Pages)

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Pancakes – Fruit Crisp – Skillet – Rice Pudding – Almond Muffins – Granola – Biscuits

Lemon Loaf – Waffles – Breakfast Tacos – Maple Custard – Crepes – Mini Dutch Pancakes

SOFTCOVER  $20.40 ($24 CAD)

(Approx. $19 USD)

eBook  $8.50 ($10 CAD)

(Approx. $8 USD)
Breakfast Recipes at Wyndelin


From cookies to pie pastry, these recipes are all gluten-free and made with quality ingredients (no gums or mixes).

Includes 13 gluten-free recipes developed and tested by @Marissa.Froese

(Softcover, 8×10″, 32 Pages) 

Traditional Shortbread – Stocking Cap Bears – Pumpkin Roll – Old Fashion Molasses Cookies

Lemon Squares – Spicy Gingerbread People – Chocolate Mint Truffles – Caramel Corn

Almond Brownies – Pastry – Butter Tarts – Pumpkin Pie – Lemon Cream Cheesecake

SOFTCOVER  $20.40 ($24 CAD)

(Approx. $19 USD)

eBook  $8.50 ($10 CAD)

(Approx. $8 USD)


3 collections of recipes by Marissa!

3 eBooks  $20.40 ($24 CAD)

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Want to learn how to make Gluten-Free Sourdough?
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