The gardening season is upon us full speed. That time when weeds wait for no one and where daily there are seeds or plants needing to get in the ground yesterday. The girls and I went away for a few nights to a friends cottage by the sea and I was lulled into somewhat forgetting the work at home. I’ve quickly remembered though today, our first day home. I love it though. I really truly love working in the soil, raising our food and beautiful flowers. And when the sun is shining as it was today, there isn’t much else that I’d choose to do. Thankfully, Dan and the girls also enjoy gardening (though perhaps not to the same extent as me yet.) and so, while I still have twinges of feeling neglectful, most often we work/play side by side.  
This year, the girls spent hours working on their own garden beds; they’v prepped the soil, gathered rocks, and made their paths and rock surrounds. A couple weeks ago, Aneliese requested to go to the local nursery to spend some of her birthday money on plants. She’d tucked it away as soon as she received it and it made me smile to see how she was choosing to spend it. On something beautiful, local and that would give her hours of enjoyment out of doors.
After choosing her plants, she’s been watering and tending them indoors and slowly hardening them off while trying to wait patiently for the right time to plant them. Finally, she was able to tuck all her plants into their beds. They’ve all chosen some of the vegetables that they would like to grow in our main food garden where honestly, I’ll do most of the weeding and tending, but this is her own little space to make beautiful and to keep weeded hopefully.
Gardening is never one of instant gratification; it’s a slow process at times. Except for the weeds. They have this ability to grow overnight it seems.  There is so much to be learned from a garden and I’m grateful for our bit of land where we can get our hands in the dirt together.