Our sweet Aneliese turned eight today. Our girl, our first born is growing up fast.

Months ago, Aneliese asked for a pie party for her birthday; pizza pie, apple pie, and banana cream pie. And so that’s just what we did.

Then she asked if we could have supper, picnic style, by our little stream which has become a magical place for them. She’s been wishing for a birthday picnic there for the past four birthdays. And so today was the perfect day for it.

While I made pies and pizza, they spent all afternoon getting the picnic party spot all spruced up and it was adorable.

They then loaded all the pizza and plates on to the wagon and worked together to haul it across the pastures.

It’s on days like this that the richness of life almost overwhelms me. We have so much love in our life. So much enjoyment of simple pleasures like shared pizza with dear friends. A strong healthy, vibrant little daughter who told me in the morning when the day wasn’t unfolding the way we had planned, that she didn’t mind if I couldn’t get pie made, even the pizza but that she was just so happy to share her birthday with friends no matter what we ate.

She fell asleep a tired, happy, very loved little eight year old.