I admit, by the time mid December finished the steamroll that began flattening me in November, I was ready to find a cave and hibernate until Spring. But I didn’t. I love traditions and I love all the festivity around Christmas but this year many things were just too much. So they just didn’t happen. Or they happened late. Or they were modified. More than ever, our girls just want us, our time, our attention, and our affection. All things that I struggle to offer when life feels too full of other things. So I tried to pick the things that offered what we all needed most, a few times totally missing the mark but sometimes spot on.  They loved the “candy cane” porch, the Zimsterne (cinnamon star cookies) for hanging on the tree were a highlight for Kathleen, and our tree that was blown over onto our fence in a preChristmas storm was made memorable by its Ogre like shape and made beautiful by lit candles on Christmas Eve/morn. Between dolls from Grandma, pjs and slippers and art supplies under the tree along with the traditional stocking of treats and the years supply of socks and undies, they were much delighted with their Christmas treasures as well as the ways that they were able to share with others.

And now we are in the new year with a few more days to spend, just us, before we get back at regular life again. In my totally imperfect way, I’m trying to savor these days. The moment that is right now. This morning that was a snowball fight and while this mama has surprisingly good aim, my arm is still tired.

Wishing you a hopeful, love filled New Year, my friends.