When we first moved here, I had my sewing room in a larger room upstairs. Well, actually it was simply a room that held messy piles of all my stuff. Dan was using this small room as his office for teaching violin until this fall when he began teaching at his studio in town. When I finally began organizing my sewing room, I decided that this smaller but more central room would actually work better.

We had been saying that a door with a window would be perfect for Dan’s lesson room and then we saw this door sitting in someones yard. Sure enough they were selling it for a few bucks and it fits perfectly. I really like the cottage-y appeal that it gives the dining room.

When I started setting up the room, I was only going to paint the pink trim with the Cloud White that I had on hand. Then I thought that I might as well give the walls a couple of coats as well only to realize that I would also need to paint the ceiling. So I thought that I might as well paint the floor a soft gray. Then while I was in there, I realized that the attached little closet bathroom  could really use some freshening up so a week later everything was painted!

The table is another roadside cleanup treasure that I painted with a DIY chalk paint that I made from a can of paint that I had tinted until it looked like a Tiffany’s gift box. I’ve added this color to a few things as you will see through out my little farmhouse tour.

Thanks to Pinterest for the thread storage inspiration.

I may not drink Coke but I definitely like their old crates. I grew up seeing these crates being used for storing milk jars when they weren’t full of milk in the fridge and they are one of the things that I brought from my childhood home. Nostalgic treasures now holding my felting wool.

I wanted a place to put my larger ongoing sewing projects so had Dan attach a tree branch to the wall. The slots that hold it make it easy to lift off so that I can slide the project on. It’s one of my favorite features of the room.

The basket was handmade by a local friend of ours who makes these gorgeous baskets in a traditional style, hand beating the wood to separate the strips, hand weaving, and binding with no nails. It’s really my market basket but for the winter has been storing my yarn.

In my little reading corner, I framed some prints from our favorite books, Miss Rumphius, Emily and Daisy, and The Ox-Cart Man (The links to the books are in my amazon affiliate store, which gives me a few cents when you purchase through my store!)

My egg basket lamp was another Pinterest inspiration that was exactly what I needed to finish the room. Dan didn’t have to do anything to the basket itself, just put the light socket through the already existing hole. That way I didn’t have to commit to it permanently being a light fixture.

This my friends, is the only completed room in the house (the little strip of trim needed on the floor doesn’t count). I’m sure it will see changes but it’s done, finished. There are even pictures on the wall! It feels good.