I mentioned last fall that Aneliese and I were venturing into selling flower bouquets at the market this summer. She has been asking to do if for well over a year and so we decided to try it. After a family brainstorming session, she settled on Little Bud’s Bouquets (I can never decide if the apostrophe should be there or not and she hasn’t gotten that far along in her grammar :). Our first market is next week and we are a little slim on flowers given the late winter and cool spring so we may be improvising (I’ve suggested fabric flowers!) for the first couple of weeks. However, we did manage to make a rather pretty bouquet this morning for our very first order that was brought about by the talented Dan Froese Photography for one of his clients. We (or perhaps I) felt a little nervous with this first one so Aneliese and I made it together but in the future, she will make many of the bouquets on her own.