Recently, Dan discovered a hole in the yard with the wheel of the trailer that he was backing into place. It turns out that it was a hole that Aneliese had dug in order to get dirt for making mud pies.

I remember spending hours mixing up mud pies, cakes, and cookies. With a little of this and a little of that stirred in, they were glorious delights. Our girls seem to have the same enjoyment of  mixing up mud delicacies so we decided that for Aneliese’s birthday we would create them a mud pie kitchen.

We wanted to be simple and cute while still leaving a ton of room for using their imagination. We also wanted it to be something that didn’t make me want to cry every time I saw it getting muddy and wet.

For muddy and wet it does get! Nothing is new aside from the little counter to hold the sink bowl that Dan made from scrap wood. The stove was found in our attic and we think it is some kind of old dehydrator. Whatever it is, with a couple of burners painted on top, it makes a great little stove.

For the fridge, I confiscated a little metal cabinet from Dan’s workspace in the basement where it spent lonely days holding odds and ends. It just belongs in Acorn Cottage.

With collection of thrifted kitchen ware, they have already spent hours mixing and making.

It’s so muddy and messy and such perfect play.