It’s been a beautiful, crazy, unusual, and perfect-for-us Christmas. Full of fun, quiet, noise, food, friends, just us, and family via facetime. The girls have been soaking up every minute of it, especially the fact that their beloved daddy is taking the week of Christmas off.

There was the exciting flurry of the days before Christmas of getting food made, gifts wrapped and house cleaned. And now I’m just soaking up this week of togetherness and time to just be. I stayed in my pajamas all day today, even while we went sledding on the hills of Fort Anne; they are red and woolen, so how could I resist. I cuddled Cecily and took a nap and quilted and cut out paper dolls. It’s a week to just be. Quiet. Reflective. Goofy. Cuddly. Playful. It’s a gift that I’m just soaking up right now.