Our little Claire-y bear turned two yesterday much to her two sisters’ great delight. Her response was a little “Meh” and a little annoyed at waking up to an empty room because they didn’t wait for her.

This sunshiny girl is rarely without a smile but she does take her sleep and morning cuddles quite seriously so I think she found the excitement a little over the top.

After a little bit of growling, Aneliese and Cecily convinced her to open her present. (Sidenote: I couldn’t find any tape other than bright yellow duct tape but I made up for it with a duct tape flower.)


Smiles began once she realized that she got her own backpack, or packpack as she calls it, just like her sisters. And of course she had to get a few laughs and cuddles.

With a full day that included the Tree Day, I never got a chance to make her a cake so instead I made her a stacked panCAKE with berry sauce and whipping cream. I could see this becoming a tradition, she loved it so much.

And then…setting up the tree.

Kathleen took on the task of hanging ornaments with great delight. She hung each little red ball with care with lots of, “help me Mama?’ and “Up high”. I’d say, “how about here?” and she’d say, “No this one.” as she chose each perfect branch.

They were all three beyond excited about decorating this years tree and so incredibly cute.

It was a beautiful day celebrating our sweet little girl and enjoying the simple delight of being together and creating memories.