We are getting to the end of the really warm days of fall and still haven’t even close to finished ticking off our list of to be done before winter. Monday is Dan’s Saturday where we putter around the yard and house working on the various jobs that need doing. Sometimes together, sometimes apart. This afternoon, I was working on dividing our Dahlia tubers that we picked up yesterday while Dan working on a new, smaller chicken coop for our chicken tractor(more to come on that).

I feel so thankful when I see my girls working with their Daddy. The truth is that he gets way less done than he could and projects take double or triple the time but I just know that he is adding so much to three little girls lives by letting them help, by slowing down for them, by inviting them to go with him to the hardware store or to tramp through the bush, by chatting with them while he works. We may not have everything as tidy as we’d like or every job done before winter but I wouldn’t trade the love and security that my girls gain through afternoons spent with their Daddy for anything.