For the first time in five and half years we had a night
away with just the two of us. Our girls joined the Brown clan and we headed
back to Milford House for one of the last days of their season. Given the fun
that we had together for our vacation this summer, the girls weren’t totally
convinced but were easily swayed by the idea of hours to play with their best

I’m not a get up at the crack of dawn sort of girl and I
also don’t enjoy being cold but this morning, I got up, added on more wool
layers, had a coffee by the fire with Dan while waiting for the light, and we
headed out in a canoe as soon as there was enough light to see.

Turns out that paddling is work and the morning not as cold
as I expected. It was beautiful. The fall colors in the foliage were mirrored
on the water, the quiet broken only by our paddles and occasional bird or
squirrel, and the company was perfect. It was lovely to have several hours for just the two of us to talk and dream while enjoying a bit of this splendid world together.