A few days ago I told you about our chestnut collecting adventures and that I suspected that we had actually found horse chestnuts. With a little leaf identifying, I conclude that they are horse chestnuts but must be a different variety than I am used to. They could be edible if prepared properly and have been called “famine food” so I’ll tuck that information away for any time that I should need it but won’t serve them to anyone for Thanksgiving!

I didn’t want to just throw them away since we spent the time gathering them and I thought I would just put them in a bowl so that we could enjoy their satiny smooth finish. Then one got placed on the floor by a small child to be stepped on by myself, I, in my pain, wanted to throw them all out. That is until I saw these letters pinned on Pinterest.
I instantly thought of our chestnuts and went to work. About fifteen minutes later, I had my word which was all I had enough for.

The site where I got the idea from is in German so I’m not sure if she gives instructions on what she did but from looking at it, I think she maybe used toothpicks. It would hold well but I don’t know how you’d get the tooth pick into the chestnut. Let me know if you try it.

I decided to pull out my rarely used glue and do a very quick gluing job. Too quick which is why after I set them up, I keep looking up to see letter pieces rolling on the floor. I think I’ve got them all securely glued now.

You don’t need anything other than chestnuts and hot glue gun.

I like the rustic, rougher look so I didn’t lay out the letters, just grabbed chestnuts and dabbed glue on one and attached it. Call it creative, call it lazy, it was quick.

The S was a little trickier to work with so I did end up laying that out before gluing.


Simple and quick (provided you glue it well to begin with.), I’m pleased with a new addition to decorating the mantle with bits of nature!

  What are some of the ways that you use nature in your decorating? Please share, especially if you have a blog post or photos!