There are just some days when the rain and the cold weather don’t cause
one to spend much time outdoors. Oh, it’s true that we can pull on our
rain boots and coats with a warm bath at the end of our walk and at time we do that. Some days we choose to enjoy nature indoors. Through out the summer we have been saving some of the best blossoms such as sunflowers, calendula, and cosmos so that we will have seeds for next years flowers.

It’s a great way to save some pennies and is such a hands on learning experience for the girls on the life of plants. On sunny days we collect the blossoms where the blooms are spent and the heads are drying out. It’s a bit of a timing game because they are best dried on the stalk but need to be picked before the wind or birds get to them.

Sunflowers are particularly fun because after the heads have been hung and dried they can be wildly banged and shaken to remove the seeds. It’s not exactly a tidy method but fun.

There is something so exciting for me about seeing all those flowers and seeds lined up in their varying stages of drying!


Do you save seeds?  Which ones?