‘Tis the season for pumpkins, apples and sunflowers so the girls and I kicked off our regular fall trips to the nearby apple orchard for some apples and pumpkins. On our way home, we wandered the laneway, eating a few last blackberries and gathering bits of fall wonder to bring indoors.

The mantel in our dining room is one of my favorite features of this old house. It’s the first thing that sees seasonal decorations and gives me a place to fill my need to pull the woods through our door.


Last year I planted some heritage sunflower seeds and left the heads out for the birds during the winter. This year there is an abundance of sunflowers that reseeded themselves!

For some reason this year there aren’t a lot of acorns growing on our trees but still enough to add a few here and there to the fall decor.

And then just one picture of our old dresser turned buffet after two of the drawers fell apart. Our family pictures fits fall decorating so well, don’t you think?