After a cold, rainy day, it warmed up in the evening and we all needed to get outside. We’re trying to slowly get all of our seven acres fenced in to give the cattle more grazing space so that was the evening plan for Dan and we all decided to join him whether to offer our help or hindrance. The light was gorgeous so I grabbed my camera with hopes of getting some shots for a future project that I’m working on. Those will keep but these ones of my darling growing girls made me smile. Sometimes we attempt an organized photo shoot since we do have a professional photographer in the house. Usually though, the pictures that most tell as story of them are the ones where they have unwashed faces, random clothing such as a nightgown and inside out sweater, and the zest of life shining out of their eyes as I snap a picture mid moment, no posing. It can’t be posed, photo shopped, and it doesn’t even need to be perfectly taken to capture who they are.

Post Edit : Please ignore the Dan Froese Photography and Design, that surprised me in the resize process but I’ve run out of time. These aren’t his photos, they are mine:).