I had many plans of posting this week, really I did. We took a beautiful trip to PEI to celebrate the marriage of our friend Erin. An absolutely beautiful wedding, Dan did the photography so if you want to see some photos, go here, they are pretty gorgeous.

Once we got home, it was full swing back into what is a very busy life according to Aneliese in a phone conversation with my mom. I’ve spent many minutes this week, getting the garden in and doing yard work, just trying to keep the weeds somewhat at bay. I got impatient and didn’t harden off all my tomatoes and peppers long enough so they got sunburn and I’ll likely have to replace them allĀ  And currently, I’d like to turn all of my chickens into stew. We’ve got them successfully shut out of the main garden for now but they dug up the Miss Rumphius garden. I planted my squash in the patch that I’m doing a three sisters garden and wasn’t worried because last year, they didn’t go anywhere near the squash plants. This year, they dug up every single one and destroyed them. Plus pulled the pansies out of my herb garden. My dream for next year is to have a chicken fence up to keep them off my porch, lawn and all the gardens. One thing at a time.

To make matters worse, most of them are laying their eggs who knows where so I’m having to tell customers that I don’t have eggs for them. Stew, I tell you.

Then my poor Sugar dropped in her milk supply and I just thought it was because she was out of routine until yesterday when we realized that she was definitely unwell. We’ve been getting advice from several people and have vet ready to come if she doesn’t continue to pick up which she seems to be doing. Thankfully, she was her chipper self tonight and drank lots of water so I’m starting to relax a little and praying that tomorrow, she’ll be back to normal. In the meantime, I’ve now got a thermometer specifically designated for cow use only and have assured Dan that I would never take his temperature with the same thermometer (yes, he did suggest that I would!).

And it started pouring last night so every thing is absolutely soupy, everywhere. Max the pony refuses to stand under the shelter so he is out in the rain constantly. Our creek is bursting at the seams and the pasture is a puddle as is my garden. Veggie soup.

No, I haven’t lost my quirky sense of humor although I will admit to being snappy to Dan this morning and then impatient with the girls tonight because they weren’t getting themselves ready for bed smoothly while I tried to make vet calls etc.

That my friends, is the honest, unromantic side of farming. Sick animals, flooded gardens, and egg hiding, plant destroying, porch pooping chickens. On the next sunny day, I’ll try to take some pictures and restore the romance. It really is there, its just a little soggy right now.