I’ve been meaning to take some photos of our gardens so that I could share their progression as they grow and finally got to it today between the rain and some planting. Then I got the idea from Soule Mama of sharing a weekly progress update and photos; I probably won’t manage weekly but I’m going to plan on a least a few updates through out the growing season.

We’re a little behind with what we had planned on having planted by this time but in the main garden I finally got peas, some beans, kale, spinach, and lettuce in between all the rain that we’ve been getting lately. Eventually, I’d like to fence in the whole back yard that I intend to convert from lawn to garden to keep the chickens out. Right now they are totally freely roaming every where and while that is great for them, they did a number on a good portion of my garden last year. This year at least the main garden is fenced in.

Herb Garden:

It’s looking sparse now but this will be full of perennial herbs mostly as well as a few things such as pansies that I also like to toss in salads.

Miss Rumphius Garden:

This is mostly a flower garden and it has been planted with a variety of seeds by the girls, the chickens have full access and so we’ll see what happens with it. The teepee with have beans growing on it. Dan and I had a friendly disagreement on how tall it should be, he won since he was making it and now I think it is great.

Everything else is still inside waiting for better weather so they can be hardened off or for seeds to be planted. I was a bit slow getting going and now it has been cool and very wet but so far I’m really enjoying the garden this year. The girls love it out there and I feel more relaxed even though I’m planting more than I have in the past.

What’s happening in your garden this week? I’d love to hear about it and see pictures if you have a blog.