“One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”

Maybe this reveals my trashy tastes, but I’ve found this old adage to often be true. Our home is mostly furnished and decorated with articles that others no longer wanted. It might be that we see treasure in the trash. It’s a good motto for life, don’t you think?

Anyways. Today’s treasure was picked up off the side of the road during fall clean-up…last year. It was an empty, dirty old frame that had a look of hanging out in a shed for some time. With it’s unusual length, I had immediate plans for what I wanted to do with it. My immediate plans didn’t come to fruition until over a year later but that is really neither here nor there. What matters is that the project did eventually get finished and in time for Christmas this year!

My girls love to draw and paint so there are always art projects around that I want to display, both to enjoy myself and so that they can see their work displayed. We often hang things on the fridge but then they end up being bumped and are scattered on the floor instead. What I wanted to was a way to display their latest work and to be able to easily switch it out.

I also misplaced my last DIY cardholder that I made years ago so needed something for this years cards. The best part about this project is that it was made using scraps so I didn’t spend anything on it.

I don’t actually have pictures of the process because I brought it in the house, told Dan my plans for it that morning, and he had it pretty much finished by the time I had finished showering. I’m not complaining, though.

{DIY Card Holder/Art Display}

– Old Frame
– Chicken Wire
– Staple gun (Small staples, but I’m not sure the size)
– Clips of some sort (I’m using mini clothes pins right now but there are lots of different clips that would make your unique.)

{What to do}:

– If you got your frame out of the garbage like I did, you might want to give it a quick clean. You could paint it but I like the rough look and, let’s just be honest, it was a lot easier to just leave it without painting it.
– Cut your chicken wire to attach to the back of the frame. Dan said to leave a little extra and then clip it off after.
– Staple it, making sure that it is taut.
– Clip off the excess and staple down any wire that is poking out.
– We used a bit of the chicken wire to make a loop for hanging on the wall.
– Hang on the wall, decorate it up of Christmas and use it to hang your cards (clip just the back of the card for reading ease). Once Christmas is finished, turn it an art or photo display.

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