I fear quiet. I fear that to quiet my voice is to admit
insignificance. My voice was never meant for silence. Was it? I never wanted to
be a loud emphatic voice. I’ve never longed to be heard by the thousands. But I
have never wanted quiet either. I wasn’t meant for quiet. Was I?

I was meant to speak up, to stand out. I was meant to fight
injustice. I was meant to use my words to speak of truth and life. I can’t do
that with quiet. Can I?

Sometimes, I long for quiet. Quiet in my brain, my fingers,
my heart, and my words. And yet, I fear what the quiet might reveal. About me
and to me. Can I allow the quiet?


Today I’m joining up for Five Minute Friday over at Gypsy Mama for the word prompt: Quiet

Five Minute Friday