It’s just one of those days. I’m guessing that we all have
them but I’d really prefer that I didn’t. There are the happy days, the sad days,
the intense days, the emotional days, or the sick days; there even the just a day days. Then
there are there are the days that are just…blah. Nothing fits or fixes. I try
indulging myself but that just increases the lethargy so I try pumping up the
energy but that just frustrates me. Often I feel that if I could only just
identify the issue, I could snap out of it.
But the issue is just oh so ever elusive. Oh, I think that I could probably
identify some of the core but that’s not really a fix in a day sort of thing.

Kathleen refused her nap this morning, wanted to nurse
multiple times and then would fuss to be laid down only to pop up with a
chuckle (I have this theory that nursing babies are VERY in tune to their
mama’s hormones.), but she finally decided that the game was over. Cecily
climbed into Kathleen’s crib and then fell on her cheek bone on the way back
out; no concussion or breakage, just a large bruise. Aneliese spent the morning
playing in our closest with her “children” which entails dressing them in her
sisters clothes. But right now, each of my sweet daughters are sleeping, bless
them.  I’m really hoping that they will
sleep for the next hour.

I’m going to indulge for a time (whilst trying to ignore the
slightly guilty feelings of all that needs doing before our thanksgiving
festivities) by looking at things like lovely linens, red striped grain sacks,
and milk paint. I’m enjoying daydreaming about some pretty things, sipping hot
tea, and munching on a sweet chocolate-y treat. And in the midst of that, I am
writing this. I could be doing lots of other quite beneficial things, but maybe
this is the best thing right now. Actually, for the first time all day, I am
feeling the haze of Blah start to shift. And to clarify, it isn’t because the
kids are sleeping, although that may be a tad bit helpful.

Perhaps it is the eternal optimist/idealist in me, but even
when I talk about something that I am struggling with, I can’t help but see the
silver lining though it might have taken the talking to see it.. It’s a gorgeous fall day and really it can’t slip away
unappreciated. So when the girls wake up, we are going to walk to our neighbors
house to select many pumpkins for our upcoming harvest party.  It is entirely possible that I am going to
stay on the couch until then. And…they are awake.

What causes blah days for you? What are some of the ways that you get through them?